Superagent Leigh Steinberg compares Paxton Lynch’s personality to former Bronco

Superagent extraordinaire Leigh Steinberg, who’s represented a who’s who of NFL legends from Warren Moon to Troy Aikman, sees traces of a Broncos former quarterback in his client Paxton Lynch. Steinberg joined Sean Walsh and TJ Carpenter on Mile High Sports Radio Friday to discuss Lynch’s demeanor on and off the field.

“There’s two Paxton Lynchs,” Steinberg said. “There’s the Paxton on the field, who’s all business and extremely intense, and then there’s Paxton off the field, who’s rooted and grounded and easygoing.”

Rooted, grounded and easygoing. So we can eliminate Jay Cutler. Other names that come to mind are guys like Brian Griese, but alas that is not the correct answer. The quarterback whose off-the-field personality so reminds Steinberg of Lynch harkens back to the early-to-mid 2000’s.

“Paxton off the field is sort of like Jake Plummer,” he said. “You’ve got someone with deep religious convictions, who’s got a strong family and extended family, who’s surrounded by friends. So he’s totally rooted and has got complete security in terms of being a grounded human being.”

What’s to be emphasized is that he’s comparing Lynch’s off-the-field personality to Plummer. Plummer wouldn’t be a bad regular season quarterback to be compared to, but his playoff success, or lack thereof, is something that fans hope Lynch won’t have an issue with. For his part, Steinberg spoke of Lynch’s transformation when he focuses for a game.

“Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a metamorphosis occurs and he turns into this killer on the field,” he said. “He’s a total alpha male on the field, and then you can see after the game, it’s like watching the incredible hulk turn back into that little scientist.”

So Bruce Banner off the field, the Incredible Hulk on it. That’s not a bad personality for an NFL quarterback to have. We’ll see during training camp and the preseason whether Lynch can beat out Trevor Siemian for the starting quarterback position.

Listen to the full interview, including Steinberg’s thoughts on his role in the Hollywood blockbuster Jerry Maguire, in the podcast below.

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