T.J. Ward was named defensive player of the week after his big game against Minnesota. The difference between Ward this year and last year is night and day. Ward has been vocal about his displeasure with how former defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio used him, but has been very positive about Wade Phillips.

Ward became the second Broncos player out of the secondary to ever record two sacks and have a forced fumble in the same game, with the other being John Lynch.

“He (Ward) is a downhill safety who acts like a linebacker,” Ben Allbright told his cohosts on The Big Show. “If you like a safety who hits like a linebacker he’s your guy.”

Eventually teams will try to force the Broncos hand with how Ward is being used.

“He’s going to have to cover people,” Kent Erickson said. “Offensive coordinators in this league are going to look at this, and as the season goes on, they’re going to put Ward in cover situations.”

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