Saturday, August 17, 2019

Tag: #avalanche

Acid test: Is Zadorov ready to be — and stay —...

Amid the disaster that was the Avalanche's 2016-17 season, Nikita Zadorov's progress, especially noticeable in the first part of 2017, was was one of the signs that maybe ... just maybe ... there was hope for the future.

Sven (The Reindeer) Andrighetto speedily skating into the Avalanche forefront

Swiss winger is the Avalanche's leading scorer through a surprising 4-1 start, and he was among those breathing easier when the word came that his linemate, Nathan MacKinnon, wasn't seriously injured when taking a stick to the eye area in the first period Friday night.

Colorado Avalanche playoff push needs to start now

With NHL teams about to hit "crunch-time" it appears to be now or never for Colorado Avalanche if they want to secure their place in the playoffs.