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John Elway’s honesty on QB saga steals the show at Media...

While a quiet confidence that oozed out of Elway on Wednesday was encouraging, his subtle honesty about Denver's QBs was the most interesting part.

John Elway can’t find an elite QB, possibly because of who...

Why can't John Elway -- one of the NFL's legendary quarterbacks -- find an elite QB? It could be because he, himself, was an Elite QB.

Is Drew Lock to Denver a lock? Broncos are reportedly falling...

Drew Lock explains how he improved during his senior year, and why he was able to showcase his talents at the Senior Bowl. The Broncos are locking in on him at No. 10, it seems.

Comparing Case Keenum to Broncos’ 2017 quarterbacks

During the offseason, Denver signed Case Keenum, a journeyman coming off the best season of his career. Is the former Viking an improvement on last year's quagmire or will quarterback problems continue to plague the Broncos?

For the Broncos, Keenum’s greatest strength isn’t his arm

Case Keenum's leadership intangibles are already showing positive dividends and the Denver Broncos offense is better because of it.

How each top quarterback prospect fits with the Denver Broncos

There are four top QB prospects in this year's draft. The Broncos select fifth, and not every one of those four QBs offers a perfect match for Denver.

Case Keenum can help bridge the gap to the next era

Case Keenum is the bridge, but he might be just what the Broncos need for the time being.

In today’s NFL, relying solely on the ‘eye test’ for quarterbacks...

The NFL may be more of a passers' league than it's ever been, but it's more complicated than that -- today's NFL is a shallow passers' league. Speed beats strength, brain beats brawn, and teams that don't recognize that get left behind.

The Broncos’ next quarterback will need an upgrade at tight end...

While the Broncos' offensive unit as a whole struggled between the trio of quarterbacks, the tight end position was once again a glaring weakness for the team.

Blowing up the Broncos QB room is the only option

Before the Broncos can think about making the playoffs they need a quarterback who can get them out of the AFC West cellar.