Sunday, October 20, 2019

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Why is Troy Tulowitzki remembered much more favorably than Carmelo Anthony?

Why does Troy Tulowitzki get cheers while a guy like Carmelo Anthony get jeers?

Tulo’s standing O makes no sense

Former Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki received a much warmer welcome back to Denver than former Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony did.

A possible Steph for Melo swap in 2010 will have Nuggets...

Nuggets fans who love to play the "What if?" game will be tormented to know that Denver had talks - albeit preliminary ones - about a Steph Curry for Carmelo Anthony trade in 2010.

Nuggets fans still have a lot of rooting to do

While Denver may be eliminated from the playoffs, there's still plenty of things for Nuggets fans to be rooting for as the season nears a close

The one thing all Denver Nuggets fans really need to be...

The Denver Nuggets have been granted a unique opportunity, and they need to take full advantage of it