Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Tag: Charlie Blackmon

Rockies’ biggest offseason addition is perched inside the dugout

As a team, the Rockies have shifted from seldom contact, outside of home runs, to consistently putting the ball in play and giving themselves opportunities for oppositions’ miscues.

20th and Blake Podcast: Previewing the Rockies’ batting order and bench

Topics include a recap of last season's lineup, a review of the Rockies' acquisitions for the upcoming season and where they may need to improve throughout the year for postseason success. 

Opinion: Ian Desmond’s move to center field is setting the Rockies...

Without context, the move makes sense for the Colorado Rockies. A deeper look into the organization shows why the move is a band-aid solution.

Outfield begins to take shape for the Colorado Rockies as Blackmon...

The Colorado Rockies outfield is starting to take shape as Charlie Blackmon will move to right field this season.

Key storylines as the Colorado Rockies offseason trudges along

The Colorado Rockies are building off of one of the most successful two-year spans in the franchise history. In their pursuit to extend it to three, their offseason has produced multiple storylines thus far.

What if Colorado Rockies open the 2019 season with this roster?

The Colorado Rockies have had a quiet offseason, one that has included only one real move. If the offseason ended tonight and Opening Day was here, what would the team look like?

What new hitting coach Dave Magadan brings to the Rockies’ 2019...

The Colorado Rockies struggled to hit away from Coors Field last season. Will Dave Magadan solve the Rockies' offensive woes?

Moving Blackmon, while acquiring additional help, could aid Rockies’ woes

The Colorado Rockies have discussed moving Charlie Blackmon and Ian Desmond to different positions. Here is why the moves would make sense.

Rockies vs. Dodgers: offseason comparison and template for change

What the Rockies and Dodgers will do this offseason -- and who has the advantage.

Analytics unveil where Arenado, Blackmon, Freeland, Marquez and Story must improve

Five of the most important Rockies each have ways to improve over the offseason.