Saturday, May 25, 2019

Tag: Charlie Blackmon

Rockies fans may need to fear losing the beard

Charlie Blackmon is the subject of trade rumors. Could the Rockies' best beard be headed to join forces with the best beard in baseball?

REPORT: Washington Nationals showing interest in Rockies’ Charlie Blackmon

While everyone seems to be focused in on the future of Carlos Gonzalez, the Washington Nationals are reportedly targeting Charlie Blackmon

Respect for the Rockies begins and ends at the All-Star Game

The Rockies won't be earning any national respect in October any time soon, so it's time they start doing so during the Midsummer Classic.

Trading Carlos Gonzalez and Charlie Blackmon doesn’t make sense

Shipping two All-Star outfielders just when the team is starting to turn a corner goes against everything the Rockies have been building.

REPORT: Carlos Gonzalez has told the Colorado Rockies that he wants...

Carlos Gonzalez wants to win more than anything, and if he can't do that in Colorado, he's told the Rockies he wants out

Charlie Blackmon wins National League Player of the Week

After a dominating week of baseball, Charlie Blackmon was named the National League Player of the Week

The Colorado Rockies have the best and most-underrated lineup in baseball

The Rockies have continued to stay hot in large part due to their offense, which could potentially be the most fearsome lineup in the MLB.

The Rockies remain “white hot,” go full Backstreet Boys en route...

After remaining "white hot" against the New York Yankees, the Colorado Rockies go full Backstreet Boys on trip to Miami

Rockies’ Arenado, Blackmon and Story setting the pace at the plate

The Colorado Rockies lineup is filled with young stars, and more than a couple months into the season three are setting the pace at the plate in MLB.

Charlie Blackmon just keeps getting better

Riding a 26-game on-base streak and coming off a two-home-run performance last night, Charlie Blackmon just keeps getting better and better