Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Tag: Colorado Rockies

Chad Bettis is a surprise No. 2 starter, but he’s earned...

One of only two Rockies staters with a winning record last year, Chad Bettis and his bulldog mentality have assumed a surprising role as Colorado's No. 2.

Nolan Arenado’s approach this spring makes his numbers even more impressive

He may be going to the plate just trying to test out new things, but Nolan Arenado's approach this spring has him hitting better than anyone in MLB.

Jeff Hoffman says the ups and downs are part of the...

Rockies prospect Jeff Hoffman has had an up-and-down couple of weeks. But the young pitcher says it's all part of the process to becoming a big leaguer.

Ruben Tejada could help the Colorado Rockies rebuild

Could Ruben Tejada replace Jose Reyes in Colorado just like he did in New York?

Technology is helping the Rockies find a reason to believe

The Colorado Rockies are going all-in on technology to help improve their long-suffering pitching staff.

Note to the Rockies: It’s not the altitude

The Rockies' failure to embrace the altitude is the reason they'll continue to be one of the worst teams in baseball.

REPORT: The Colorado Rockies make a major change to their outfield...

What do you do if you're the Colorado Rockies and you can't find good pitching? You raise the outfield wall!

Too low, Tulo

Troy Tulowitzki's latest comments show the Rockies made the right move in trading the petulant shortstop.

Troy Tulowitzki still angry at Rockies, says I’ll “never talk to...

Seven months removed from the trade that sent him to Toronto, Troy Tulowitzki still angry at the Colorado Rockies, and that doesn't look to be changing soon

Despite short-term solutions, the Rockies’ mess at shortstop appears to be...

The Rockies have short-term solutions to deal with Jose Reyes' suspension, but their options when he returns will be far more complicated.