Sunday, April 21, 2019

Tag: Rockies

Jon Gray continues to pitch well at Coors Field, not enough...

Walt Weiss made a questionable call pulling Jon Gray in the seventh inning and the Rockies bullpen gave up a late lead to drop one at home to the Phillies.

Trevor Story’s All-Star campaign ends in third, deserves more

Trevor Story was humble in his third-place finish in the All-Star Final Vote, but his teammates and managers were not shy about saying he deserved better.

Trading Carlos Gonzalez and Charlie Blackmon doesn’t make sense

Shipping two All-Star outfielders just when the team is starting to turn a corner goes against everything the Rockies have been building.

REPORT: Carlos Gonzalez has told the Colorado Rockies that he wants...

Carlos Gonzalez wants to win more than anything, and if he can't do that in Colorado, he's told the Rockies he wants out

Chatwood and Ottavino activated, three other Rockies pitchers on the move

The Rockies made a series of roster changes on Tuesday, activating two pitchers from the DL and sending three others in various directions.

You only have to listen for signs of Jon Gray’s increasing...

Stat lines are telling the story of Jon Gray's growth, but no better than an interview with the promising young Rockies pitcher.

The Rockies won the Tulo trade both at the bank and...

Despite choosing to cut Jose Reyes, the Rockies still came out on top of the trade that sent Troy Tulowitzki to the Toronto Blue Jays.

Rockies show how they can win without Troy Tulowitzki

Next batter up and by any means necessary. That's how the Rockies won on Monday, and how they can win in the absence of Troy Tulowitzki.

Tulo’s standing O makes no sense

Former Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki received a much warmer welcome back to Denver than former Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony did.

WATCH: Rockies fans cheer Troy Tulowitzki in his return to Coors...

Rockies fans and their former shortstop shared a moment of mutual respect when he returned to Colorado for the first time since being traded.