Monday, January 21, 2019

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Has Jorge De La Rosa earned a spot back in the...

Jorge De La Rosa is set to make his first start for the Rockies in nearly a month, but has he earned a role back in the rotation?

Why Daniel Descalso’s broken hand is to thank for the Rockies’...

Trevor Story has earned every bit of praise he's been receiving, but he may want to give a special thanks to Daniel Descalso for breaking his hand

Against all odds, Colorado Rockies pitching continues to impress

Normally, this is the part of the season where the Rockies' pitching begins to to fall off a cliff, but this season, they actually seem to be getting better

The Dodgers and Giants are leaving the NL West open for...

Thomas Harding and Gil Whiteley discuss the Rockies' pitching prospects and whether or not Colorado can stay in the race in the NL West.

The Colorado Rockies are getting it done, bad expenditures and all

Despite having nearly 40 percent of their payroll tied up in two players who aren't contributing, the Rockies are set up well this year and beyond.

Jorge De La Rosa’s time in Colorado may be quickly coming...

Jorge De La Rosa has been one of the best pitchers in Colorado Rockies history, but it may be about time that the two go their separate ways

Even with the Jose Reyes drama, the Rockies still came out...

It may not feel like it with all of the negative attention surrounding Jose Reyes, but the Colorado Rockies still won the Troy Tulowitzki trade

It’s time for the best Rockies pitcher ever to reinvent himself

Jorge De La Rosa has to decide if and when he needs to at least start to reinvent himself as a major league pitcher.

Walt Weiss is a hindrance the Rockies can’t afford

In his three years on the job, Weiss has never demonstrated an ability to improve the team’s chances to win. Too often he sways between managing from the seat of his pants and managing by the book.

If history is an indicator, here’s how the Rockies will handle...

The Jose Reyes situation presents a golden opportunity for the Colorado Rockies to dispel the notion that the bottom line comes before being "good."