Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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What is making the Broncos defense so successful?

Denver's defense beginning to come together as Denver hits high gear. In the latest Broncos Blitz podcast, host Ronnie Kohrt chats about what is making Denver's defense fire on all cylinders and talks to Justin Simmons postgame after their 16-0 win over Tennessee.

Denver’s dominant defense nearly overshadowed by Broncos awful offense

Vic Fangio's defense is finally coming together as one of the best in the NFL over the last two weeks, allowing only 35 and 39 yards rushing to their last two opponents. And on Sunday, the Broncos enjoyed seven sacks with three interceptions.

3 Takeaways: Broncos shut out Titans 16-0 as defense shines

Denver's defense was dominant, their offensive line stepped up and one more key takeaway from the win. The Broncos are now on a roll with two straight victories.

John Elway: ‘No Broncos are on trading block’ ending rumors

Fans and local media alike have been hearing or starting rumors of the Broncos looking to trade one of their veteran stars, but Elway ended those rumors on Friday night.

What’s On Draft: The Broncos’ biggest hole and the players that...

Left tackle, center, right guard, defensive tackle, defensive end, inside linebacker, safety and cornerback are all holes on the Broncos' roster, but which is the most glaring and how can they fill it?

Player Profile: Justin Simmons proving himself as a stalwart on defense

Broncos' fourth-year safety Justin Simmons is proving himself as a reliable commodity in the defensive backfield.

Ray of hope: Garett Bolles’ pass blocking earns high marks

Bolles has long been the focal point of criticism but his play looks to be turning a corner. Can he make it consistent?

Sell High? Amidst trade rumors, Von Miller answers the call against...

The reason the Broncos won on Sunday was Von Miller. For the first time this season, Von was Von.

3 Up 3 Down: Unsung heroes make waves on defense

Taking a look at three stars and three duds from Sunday's first victory of the season.

3 Takeaways: Broncos get first win over the Chargers 20-13

The Broncos not only won but dominated the Chargers. Our takeaways.