Friday, July 19, 2019

Tag: Jeff Heuerman

Buckeyes strength coach Schlegel pitches corner Denzel Ward to Broncos at...

Could the Broncos throw a curveball and take Denzel Ward with the number five pick in the draft?

The Broncos will have options to upgrade their tight end position...

The Broncos need a serviceable tight end at a rate that they can afford, and they might be able to pick one up in free agency.

The Broncos’ next quarterback will need an upgrade at tight end...

While the Broncos' offensive unit as a whole struggled between the trio of quarterbacks, the tight end position was once again a glaring weakness for the team.

Brock Osweiler takes the reins as Broncos whip Colts, 25-13

Brock Osweiler and the Denver Broncos exorcised some demons in Indianapolis on Thursday night.

Part of the Problem: Elway stands apart from Broncos

Everyone's been put on notice by John Elway. Everyone, it seems, except for the one person that's ultimately responsible for all of it.

There’s no way to gloss over the Broncos’ mishandling of TE...

The aforementioned trio of Virgil Green, Jeff Heuerman and A.J. Derby have been a major disappointment for the Broncos for the majority of 2017.

Tight ends play big role in win over Chargers

The tight ends were almost non-existent in the Broncos' offense a year ago, but they came to play in a big way in Denver's 2017 debut.

Tight end still an unanswered question as Broncos wrap up preseason

Tight end is a position the Broncos have needed improvement. It hasn't provided much support for the offense during the preseason.

Jeff Heuerman: New offense is ‘doing a lot of fun things’...

"It’s a fun offense, especially for the tight ends because it lets us be football players," Heuerman told Mile High Sports.

Broncos and Ravens remain the logical choices to sign Gary Barnidge

Barnidge could be the boost that both the Broncos and Ravens need, so it may come down to who pulls the trigger first.