Saturday, May 25, 2019

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John Elway drafts unconventionally, and it works

Generally teams try to add immediate starters in the first three rounds of the draft; John Elway approaches the draft in a different way—and it has worked.

The Broncos will need recent draft picks to step up again...

Much of the Broncos' success in 2015 was because recent draft picks made major contributions. That will need to continue if they hope to repeat as champs in 2016.

Is there a tight end in this year’s draft that makes...

The Broncos' tight end position was disappointing to say the least in 2015. Here, though, are five draft prospects that could turn that around in 2016

Ranking the Denver Broncos drafts during the John Elway era

Since 2011, John Elway has been able to call the shots during the Denver Broncos drafts. Here's how he has faired in doing his job the past five years.