Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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LOOK: Von Miller isn’t the only All-Pro putting the Twitter press...

Broncos All-Pro linebacker Von Miller is lobbying for free agent QB Kirk Cousins to sign with his team, but he has company from another AFC All-Pro.

Loan repayment forces Broncos to make painful choice: QB or LT?

Suddenly, that $20 million becomes roughly $16.5 million, before the Broncos sign their draft picks. Now, the Broncos may be left with some tough decisions.

According to his agent, tackle Joe Thomas wouldn’t mind living in...

“He did me tell though that if there’s any place he’d like to be, he does love the Rocky Mountains,” agent Peter Schaffer said of Joe Thomas.

Acquiring Joe Thomas would upgrade line, but also create uncertain future

While Elway ponders who he should lock in at left tackle, fans and media haven't given up on the possibility of nabbing Joe Thomas, a premier talent at LT.

With limited options, the Broncos may need to stay put at...

The decisions facing the Broncos are especially difficult this offseason, Elway's main focus this should be improving the underachieving offensive line.

The calls for Joe Thomas get louder and louder in Denver

The Browns are reportedly willing to trade All-Pro tackle Joe Thomas, and after Monday night's performance, the Broncos may want to give them a call

Browns HC Hue Jackson: “We are not going to trade...

Reports have surfaced that the Cleveland Browns have lowered the asking price on Joe Thomas, but head coach Joe Thomas says he's not going anywhere

Joe Thomas can’t get to Denver fast enough

With a tough set of games upcoming, the Broncos shouldn't wait until the trade deadline to try and make a move for Joe Thomas.

Broncos fans should be comfortable standing pat on offensive line

Joe Thomas could have been a nice piece, but Broncos fans shouldn't second guess moving forward without him

REPORT: The Denver Broncos tried to trade for Joe Thomas during...

After fleecing Vernon Davis from the 49ers on Monday, Broncos fans' appetite for win-now moves has only grown. Next on the menu: Joe Thomas. It was...