Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Tag: Joe Woods

Who’s coaching with Vic Fangio? Broncos assistant updates

Gary Kubiak is set to become new Broncos head coach Vic Fangio's offensive coordinator. What other moves are in the works?

Report: Ravens want two first-round picks for Harbaugh, Broncos should pounce

While the asking price is seemingly steep, Denver getting the services as John Harbaugh at head coach would immediately make them a contender in 2019.

Justin Simmons is the Broncos’ Swiss Army Knife

Justin Simmons is on pace to become the second Broncos defensive back to record 100 total tackles in a single season in the 21st century.

Aqib Talib rips Joe Woods, Denver Broncos in Sports Illustrated

Aqib Talib thinks he knows why the Broncos defense declined from 2016-2017, and part of that has to do with losing Wade Phillips. Talib didn't shy away from thrashing the Broncos.

Zach Kerr on Bradley Chubb: ‘I’m surprised he didn’t go higher’

Add Zach Kerr to the long list of Broncos who have been impressed with the way Bradley Chubb practices.

Von Miller, Joe Woods standing behind Vance Joseph

Even after a tough season, Vance Joseph's top players and coaches have his back. Will it be enough to save his job?

Joe Woods: ‘We have the talent to be a championship-level defense’

Joe Woods discusses the state of the defense and how he believes there's still talent on the defense to be at a championship level.

Harris Jr. 2018 Pro Bowl snub just another reason he works...

Chris Harris Jr. suffered the latest snub of his NFL career when he was skipped over for the 2018 Pro Bowl, but the constant lack of attention is how he became so great in the first place.

Broncos DC Joe Woods on Kirk Cousins: ‘He’s a franchise quarterback’

Broncos defensive coordinator Joe Woods broke down some of the traits that make Kirk Cousins a franchise quarterback in his eyes.

Be thankful for Von Miller

When a team is in as deep a hole as the Broncos are in this season, it's easy to gloss over the positive aspects of the team. Von Miller is at the top of that list.