Monday, December 16, 2019

Tag: John Elway

Has Elway handled the quarterback position post-Manning better than you think?

Broncos Blitz podcast host Ronnie Kohrt wonders if Denver Broncos general John Elway has handled the quarterback position better than most think, on the latest edition of the podcast.

Broncos rookie Noah Fant is blossoming into a star before our...

Noah Fant has caught on quickly for the Broncos despite playing with three different quarterbacks already this year. He's a star on the rise whom Broncos fans are quickly falling in love with.

Draft with Class: Lock, Fant and Risner make Elway look shiny...

It’s just one game, but it was a performance that highlighted the Broncos newest set of rookies better than any game in recent memory.

What’s on Draft: How Drew Lock’s debut affects Denver’s offseason

Looking at how Drew Lock's solid start impacts the Broncos' draft and free agency plans.

Kicking and Screaming: A Broncos mantra that needs application

Did the Broncos' kicker finally show Vic Fangio the meaning of "kicking and screaming?"

Drew Lock’s debut appears to be on the horizon

While nothing has been made official, it's starting to look like the Denver Broncos will start rookie quarterback Drew Lock Sunday versus the Los Angeles Chargers. 

What’s On Draft: Every draft’s best and worst Broncos pick since...

Looking at the best and worst draft picks of the Broncos since 2015.

Where did the O go? There’s no O in Br_nc_s

This is Denver, Colorado, where the Broncos are supposed to score. So where’d the O go?

Wasting Time: The Broncos don’t know how to manage the clock,...

If the Broncos have done anything of late, they’ve wasted time. Sunday’s loss was simply another example.

Why the Broncos shouldn’t give Cam Newton a look

Looking at why the Broncos shouldn't look to trade for Panthers' quarterback Cam Newton.