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Round table: Predictions and previews of Broncos vs. Bills

The MHS Broncos staff previews the upcoming Broncos-Bills game.

3 Keys to the Broncos beating the Bills

The Broncos are arguably the better team in this matchup, even though the two records are opposite. Here’s how Denver wins in Buffalo, Sunday.

Inside the Numbers: Why the Broncos shouldn’t be underdogs in Buffalo

Looking at why the Broncos have a terrific chance to upset the Bills on the road. Advanced metrics tell the tale.

Josh Allen or Bradley Chubb? Re-drafting the Broncos 2018 Draft

Josh Allen or Bradley Chubb? Redoing the Broncos 2018 Draft on the latest Broncos Blitz podcast with Ronnie Kohrt.

Should Denver Broncos have drafted a quarterback in 2018 Draft?

Looking back on the rookie quarterbacks of 2018 and how they compare to Case Keenum. What would have been the best decision for the Broncos?

Elway wins the first round, steals top talent at No. 5

The Broncos' selection of Bradley Chubb was the coup of the first round.

Chubb selection affirms Case Keenum will lead the Broncos in 2018

Passing on a pair of quarterbacks in the first round sends a clear signal: the Denver Broncos are Case Keenum's team to lead.

Bradley Chubb turbocharges Broncos’ pass rush

Chubb, the draft's highest-rated pass rusher, will line up opposite of All-Pro Von Miller to give the Broncos one of the NFL's best pass rushes.

Elway would be wise to avoid gambling on a quarterback

While past failures are not a direct indicator of future results, it is no secret that Denver historically has struggled with selecting quarterbacks.

Calling the shot, what will the Denver Broncos do at No....

The staff at Mile High Sports Radio calls their shot when it comes to the No. 5 pick overall