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Former GM Casserly likes Cousins for Broncos, but finds Rosen a...

Former Washington GM Charley Casserly debates the merits of the rookie quarterback crop.

Time to Lay Up: John Elway shouldn’t play the draft like...

John Elway is Roy McAvoy. The NFL Draft is his 18th hole.

Lessons from the Senior Bowl, Denver’s new obsession

There's a whole lot of stock being put in the outcome of an exhibition football game played with wacky rules, almost no practice time and a revolving door of personnel.

Broncos Blitz podcast: Pros and cons to coaching the Senior Bowl

Vance Joseph and his staff got a firsthand look at many top NFL prospects while coaching the Senior Bowl, but that could make them blind to some players' shortcomings.

Billick: Senior Bowl provides opportunities for coaches, not just players

Brian Billick explained how the Senior Bowl week holds just as many opportunities for coaches -- if not more -- than it holds for players. "It’s kind of a coaching convention."

Rick Neuheisel calls Baker Mayfield a ‘savant’ — and the Broncos’...

"There is a magic about Baker Mayfield that has existed for some time. You don't become a walk-on at both Texas Tech and Oklahoma and get to New York City as a Heisman finalist twice, unless there's something unique about you," Neuheisel said.

Mayfield establishes himself as Senior Bowl’s top quarterback in final practice

Baker Mayfield begins to establish himself as the top arm at Senior Bowl.

Wyoming’s Josh Allen’s accuracy warns ‘buyer beware’ to Broncos

If history has proven anything, it's that big-armed, big-bodied, big-handed, inaccurate quarterbacks generally deliver small returns on an expensive investment.

MORNING MINUTE: All eyes on Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield

The Senior Bowl continues in Mobile, and the emerging theme for the Broncos is which QB they might be taking a liking to.

In today’s NFL, relying solely on the ‘eye test’ for quarterbacks...

The NFL may be more of a passers' league than it's ever been, but it's more complicated than that -- today's NFL is a shallow passers' league. Speed beats strength, brain beats brawn, and teams that don't recognize that get left behind.