Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tag: Larry Walker

The rise of Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story

Story's new and improved approach at the plate has allowed him to sneak into the MVP conversation with just a couple of weeks remaining in the regular season.

Nolan Arenado joins elite company in win over Houston

The Colorado Rockies defeated the Houston Astros Tuesday night. In the victory, Nolan Arenado joined an elite list with his 30th home run of the season.

25 years of (Major League) Baseball in Colorado: How the Rockies...

Baseball's been part of Colorado for over 130 years, but the Rockies' 25 years in Denver have changed the city forever.

Return puts Carlos Gonzalez in rare company among all-time Rockies

Carlos Gonzalez is back for a 10th season in Colorado, becoming just the fifth Rockies player to make that claim.

Larry Walker and the strange anti-Coors Field bias in baseball

The Coors Field stigma hangs over Walker like a cloud, and there's no end in sight as long as the "old guard" baseball media dominates the narrative.

Colorado Rockies Home Run Derby history

The Colorado Rockies have sent 11 different players to 13 Home Run Derby contests as of 2017.

The 200 Club: A deep dive into CarGo’s power efficiency numbers

Carlos Gonzalez just became the fifth player to hit 200 home runs for the Colorado Rockies. So, how efficiently did he get there?

Rafterwatch 2017: Colorado Rockies

Todd Helton (2014) became the first player (not including MLB's Jackie Robinson) to have his number retired by the Rockies. Who should be next?

Tracy Ringolsby shares why Larry Walker should be in the Hall...

"I think Walker is the most overlooked player among any current player in Hall of Fame voting," Ringolsby told Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro.