Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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Five Avalanche players remain, as World Championship heads to elimination round

While the NHL playoffs rage on in North America, several Colorado Avalanche continue their run through the World Championships

Mikko Rantanen headed to Russia to represent Finland

The contingent of Colorado Avalanche players heading to Russia for the World Championship this year continues to grow

Rookie Mikko Rantanen reassigned to the Rampage

Mikko Rantanen’s most recent tenure with the Colorado Avalanche came at a time they were desperate for healthy bodies up the middle. Now, after three games, it has come to an end.

Rookie Mikko Rantanen still must earn the trust of his head...

Mikko Rantanen has all the talent in the world, but right now, Patrick Roy doesn't trust him, and Rantanen doesn't have the time to earn it

Avalanche recall Mikko Rantanen, as injuries begin to mount up

A game after leading scorer Matt Duchene went down, Nathan MacKinnon joined him on the shelf, urging the Avalanche to recall Mikko Rantanen

Top five Colorado Avalanche stories of 2015

Anniversaries, long-term commitments and sad goodbyes are just some of the top five Colorado Avalanche stories from 2015.

Mikko Rantanen sent to San Antonio despite showing improvement

It seemed as though Avs rookie Mikko Rantanen was showing some promise and improving everyday. Now, he has been reassigned to the Rampage

Power Rankings: Weighing expectations for 2015’s top draft picks

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves in breaking down every play by Emmanuel Mudiay, Shane Ray, Mikko Rantanen and Brendan Rodgers, it's important to set some expectations