Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tag: Mile High Stadium

Denver Broncos’ request for temporary stadium name approved

The temporary name of Broncos Stadium at Mile High will be used while the team searches for the official naming partner.

Report: Denver will be host city for 2026 World Cup

Denver will be a host city of the 2026 World Cup according to one report. And the official twitter account of the 20216 World Cup has the Mile High City as one of 23 finalists.

25 years of (Major League) Baseball in Colorado: How the Rockies...

Baseball's been part of Colorado for over 130 years, but the Rockies' 25 years in Denver have changed the city forever.

As Mile High Stadium renaming looms, Sun Valley HUD ‘redevelopment’ plan...

While much attention is focused on renaming the Broncos' stadium, another critical matter in its neighborhood goes widely ignored.

Broncos past the halfway point of $6 million stadium wifi renovation

The new wireless network should provide up to 64,000 concurrent connections at speeds that are 5 to 7 times faster than seasons past.

Rocky Mountain letdown: Colorado State “embarrassed” in Showdown

Colorado State couldn't do anything right for most of the night in the Rocky Mountain Showdown, a huge letdown for the Rams and their fans.

WATCH: Gameday at the new Mile High Monument

The new miniature version of old Mile High Stadium was open to fans for the first time this weekend before the Broncos took on the 49ers.

The Denver Broncos to unveil Mile High Monument this week

This week, the Denver Broncos will unveil Mile High Monument, a tribute to the original Mile High Stadium

Does the Broncos’ new stadium name really matter?

For the Broncos and their fans, it doesn't really matter who owns the stadium naming rights, because in Denver, it'll always be Mile High Stadium

It’s time to correct the name of the Broncos stadium once...

With the news that Sports Authority is officially shutting its doors, there's only one logical choice for the new name of the Broncos stadium.