Thursday, April 2, 2020

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What’s on Draft: 5 players Broncos should draft if top targets...

It's no secret the Broncos are targetting one of the top-3 receivers or top-4 tackles with the 15th pick, but who should they take if all of those guys are off the board?

With minimal cap space remaining, Broncos will fill needs through draft

Now that the free-agent frenzy has settled down, the Denver Broncos will shift their focus towards improving the team via April's Draft. 

Post Free Agency 3-round Mock Draft: Broncos go all-in on athletes

Examining which players the Broncos should target after their flurry of offseason signings.

NFL Draft will proceed as scheduled

Although the public events are canceled, the 2020 NFL Draft player selection process will proceed April 23rd through 25th.​​

Broncos awarded 3 compensatory picks by NFL

How many compensatory picks did the Broncos get, where are they and what can they do with them?

Does Denver need to add to the running back room?

Ronnie Kohrt dives into the running back room for the Denver Broncos on the latest edition of the Broncos Blitz podcast. Will Denver add to the room?

If Broncos want to draft Henry Ruggs III, they may have...

Broncos fans have fallen in love with the former 'Bama wideout, but Denver could need to move up in the draft to take him. We explore that possibility.

ESPN campaigns for Broncos to draft Henry Ruggs III

The Broncos will have a difficult decision to make when they are on the clock with during April's draft, but ESPN thinks one player is the perfect fit.

NFL Combine only hurt Denver Broncos at No. 15

The Broncos are right in the middle of the first round, and that means many of the best players of this draft will be gone. We look at who could fall to Denver and who they should take.

Broncos pick at No. 15 looks more like WR than OT

Which position of need will the Broncos address this year in the NFL Draft? Many want an offensive tackle, but with so many tackle-needy teams, Denver may have to go receiver instead.