Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Tag: NFL

Pagano to Chicago opens door for Donatell in Denver at DC

Every day is seemingly bringing new coaching news for the Broncos, and Denver's next defensive coordinator could be Ed Donatell. That and more assistant coaching updates.

Report: Gary Kubiak will not be Broncos offensive coordinator after all

After anticipating Kubiak becoming the next Broncos offensive coordinator, he shockingly won't be filling that role. But it opens up the question of "Who will?"

Could Vic Fangio be the Colorado Rockies’ good luck charm in...

While serving as the defensive coordinator for the 49ers and Bears, Fangio saw the cities baseball clubs' hoist championship trophies and ascend to the top ranks of the game. 

Broncos players react, are pumped to play for Vic Fangio

Vic Fangio has already won over the biggest stars on the Denver Broncos. That's good news, being only January, and an entire offseason still sitting in front of them all.

Broncos’ Derek Wolfe, on head coach Vic Fangio: ‘You don’t want...

Denver Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe discussed the hiring of Vic Fangio as the team's new head coach. 

Will Parks: New head coach Fangio’s ‘the guy’; offense is ‘geeked...

Broncos safety Will Parks shares his thoughts on new head coach Vic Fangio and new offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak.

No offense, but Gary Kubiak shouldn’t be running Broncos’ offense

Kubiak is one of the most central and influential people in Denver Broncos history. But, he shouldn't be given the reigns of the offense again.

Who’s coaching with Vic Fangio? Broncos assistant updates

Gary Kubiak is set to become new Broncos head coach Vic Fangio's offensive coordinator. What other moves are in the works?

Success of Broncos squarely on shoulders of Vic Fangio and Gary...

Broncos Blitz podcast host Ronnie Kohrt discusses the addition of Vic Fangio and what he will do paired next to Gary Kubiak running the Broncos offense and defense.

Should Tom McMahon return? Broncos special teams struggled in 2018

Tom McMahon is expected to be retained as the Broncos special teams coordinator. But, with the team doing so badly in so many categories, should he?