Saturday, September 22, 2018

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Raiders broadcaster Lincoln Kennedy, on how the Broncos can give Derek...

Oakland Raiders broadcaster Lincoln Kennedy says that quarterback Derek Carr "panicked" in their Week 1 loss to the Rams.

How the Broncos plan to contain explosive Raiders tight end Jared...

If Denver wants to start the season 2-0, It starts with defending tight end Jared Cook.

Emmanuel Sanders’ front flip represented more than just a touchdown

Emmanuel Sanders' great start to the 2018 NFL season has lots to do with his reinvigorated love for the game of football.

Which AFC West team brings the Broncos the most competition?

On the latest Broncos Blitz podcast, Ronnie Kohrt discussions Denver's biggest competition for the AFC West crown and dissects fan reaction.

How Invesco Field at Mile High’s first-ever game saved lives on...

Historians estimate that lives were saved on Sept. 11 as Giants fans called into work after staying up late to watch their team play in Denver.

Broncos clear roster spot for Carlos Henderson

Fresh off of a victory over the Seattle Seahawks, the Denver Broncos made a pair of roster moves Monday.

Pump the Brakes; But Hop On Board

Yes, the Broncos picked up a big win – but what does this win mean? What can one glean from 1-0?

Case Keenum struggles in Broncos debut, throws three interceptions

Case Keenum threw for three touchdowns on the day, but his three picks were almost enough to cost the Broncos the game. Simply, his up-and-down performance wasn't what everyone was expecting for the big-name free agent.

Broncos relentless pass rush on display in first half against Seattle

Denver defense relentless in pass rush as Broncos lead 17-10 at halftime.

Surprising names land on Broncos inactive list for Week 1

Broncos announce inactive list for Week 1 against Seattle.