Saturday, April 20, 2019

Tag: Nikola Jokic

Leadership will be key for the Denver Nuggets

The reason to be excited about the Denver Nuggets is their young talent, but it'll be because of their veteran leadership that they'll succeed

ESPN ranks Nikola Jokic as the second best international player in...

After just one season in the NBA, Nikola Jokic has been ranked as the second best foreign-born player in the NBA by ESPN.

Gary Harris wants to be an impact player on offense

Gary Harris wants to be a major key in the Nuggets offense, even if that means he will stay out of the limelight.

Should the Denver Nuggets trade for DeMarcus Cousins?

The Denver Nuggets have showed the ability to draft good talent. Is it time to capitalize on all of this young talent and trade for an All-Star like DeMarcus Cousins?

Nikola Jokic named MVP of FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament

Not only did Nikola Jokic lead the Serbian national team to the 2016 Olympics, but he was named MVP of the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament

Seriously talented Nuggets shouldn’t have small expectations simply because they’re starless...

The Denver Nuggets have a young core that has their playoff hopes shining bright.

WATCH: Nikola Jokic gets into a fight, and it may be...

Nikola Jokic, the Denver Nuggets' goofy young center, was considerably less fun-loving when he helped instigate a fight while playing for his native Serbian team

The pressure is on Tim Connelly to improve the Nuggets right...

The future success of the Denver Nuggets depends on the decisions Tim Connelly makes this week. What is he planning to do?

Who makes the final call on draft day for the Nuggets?

Tim Connelly has more value to the Denver Nuggets then most people think.

Jusuf Nurkic likes the idea of a BIG lineup

Nuggets fans got a small glimpse of a "Twin Tower" lineup consisting of Jusuf Nurkic and Nikola Jokic during the final week of last season, but can it work long term?