Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Where It All Went Wrong: Sifting through the events that led...

As training camp neared, most everyone in the hockey world was still asking: Why did Patrick Roy quit?

Jared Bednar has no easy task as Patrick Roy’s replacement

Between replacing a legend and inspiring an underachieving team, Jared Bednar has a tough task in his first NHL head coaching job.

Eleven coaching candidates that could make sense for the Avalanche

With Patrick Roy jumping ship so close to the start of the season, the Colorado Avalanche have to move quickly. Here are 11 candidates for the vacant job

Bob Hartley would be a bad choice behind the bench for...

The Colorado Avalanche need to find a head coach, and while Bob Hartley might be the easy answer, he's most definitely the wrong one

The Colorado Avalanche have issues

Patrick Roy stepping down prior to the season beginning is another example of how the Colorado Avalanche just don't seem to get it these days.

Patrick Roy needed total control, the Avalanche were smart not to...

At the end of the day, Patrick Roy wanted total control over his roster. The Avalanche weren't willing to give him that, and they were right not to

RAPID REACT: Denver reacts to Patrick Roy’s decision to step down

With Patrick Roy stepping down as head coach so close to the start of the season, he's left Avalanche fans asking, "What next?"

BREAKING: Patrick Roy steps down as Avalanche head coach

After three seasons as the head coach of the Colorado Avalanche, Patrick Roy has announced that he will be stepping down immediately

The hot seat could lead to drastic decisions on Joe Sakic...

Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy know they have to win right now, and that sort of pressure could lead them to make a decision they might end up regretting

Penguins’ playoff performance proves Avalanche’s aggressive attack could work

Surprisingly enough, the team that the Colorado Avalanche most closely resembles stylistically is the newly-crowned Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins.