Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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Going over Denver's top unrestricted free agents and how important retaining them is. We look at the top eight players the Broncos need to re-sign.

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The Broncos have more than half an active roster of free agents; we take an educated guess as to who they will re-sign and why.

When Broncos lose Shelby Harris, they should re-sign these linemen

The Broncos will likely lose Shelby Harris, but they have many other internal free agents who they could re-sign. We look at what Denver should do.

Previewing the future of the Broncos defensive line

On the latest Broncos Blitz podcast, host Ronnie Kohrt previews the future of the Broncos defensive line with news of Shelby Harris signing with a new agent.

Shelby Harris signs with Drew Rosenhaus: Defensive star’s days in Denver...

Shelby Harris has been one of the most dynamic Denver defenders for the last three years. And while it was a slim chance to re-sign him already, Rosenhaus makes that a less likely option for the Broncos.

To pay – or not to pay – the Broncos all-pro...

Who stays? And who goes? Several Broncos are up for new deals. Will they get them here in Denver? Or elsewhere? Broncos Blitz podcast host Ronnie Kohrt discusses on the latest edition of the Broncos Blitz podcast.

Shelby Harris shares the secret on how basketball led to being...

Shelby Harris finished the season with two passes defensed, including the game-deciding 2-point conversion. Harris is the NFL leader as a lineman with 10 passes defensed this year and shares how he does it.

4 Up 2 Down: Denver defense stifles Raiders in last game...

Who were the biggest stars from the Broncos' season finale victory over the Raiders? Shelby Harris definitely deserves praise for his key plays in the win.

3 Up 3 Down: Drew Lock has dismal homecoming vs. Chiefs

Going over the biggest stars and disappointments from Denver's loss to the Chiefs

Player Profile: Broncos’ Shelby Harris has evolved into a difference maker

Broncos' DL Shelby Harris has developed himself into a great player after struggling to find his niche in his first three years in the league.