Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Tag: Trevor Siemian

John Elway on quarterback situation: “Hopefully we can get somebody in...

John Elway is open to a lot of ideas at quarterback, but Colin Kaepernick is still at the top of his list

The Denver Broncos have a lot of options at QB, but...

It seems as if every available and semi-available quarterback in the NFL has been linked to the Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, none of them are good options

How the Broncos could jump to the No. 2 pick overall

If the Broncos can't agree on a long-term deal with Von Miller, could they use him in a trade to get all the way up to the No. 2 pick?

Why aren’t the Broncos talking about Trevor Siemian?

While everybody's so caught up in Colin Kaepernick, the Broncos should be looking at the one guy on their roster who actually has experience in Denver: Trevor Siemian

IMHO: Was releasing Christian Ponder a big deal or not?

In this week's edition of In My Humble Opinion we get to different views on the Denver Broncos releasing Christian Ponder