Thursday, September 20, 2018

Tag: Trevor Story

Colorado Rockies round-the-web power rankings

There are some rays of hope surrounding the Colorado Rockies, but for the most part, the baseball world isn't looking to fondly at their chances

The Rockies made the right choice adding Trevor Story to the...

By naming Trevor Story to the Opening Day roster, the Rockies are doing right by their fans.

The Rockies need to do the right thing (the hard thing)...

It won't be easy or cost-efficient, but the Colorado Rockies need to part ways with Jose Reyes. If that means biting the bullet and paying his contract, so be it.

No matter what happens in Jose Reyes case, Story should be...

The Jose Reyes case may have taken a significant turn, but the Rockies' plan at shortstop should not

Rockies shortstop Trevor Story makes opening day roster 

After working his way through the minors, Trevor Story will officially become the Rockies' shortstop of the future on Opening Day

Jeff Bridich hedges his bets on Trevor Story and Cristhian Adames

Trevor Story and Cristhian Adames both have cases to be starting at shortstop on opening day, but GM Jeff Bridich won't tip his hand as to who he favors.

Arenado finally goes hitless, Story makes a case to start at...

The arbitration clock will probably stand in his way, but Trevor Story makes a case to start at shortstop for the Rockies on Opening Day.

Ruben Tejada could help the Colorado Rockies rebuild

Could Ruben Tejada replace Jose Reyes in Colorado just like he did in New York?