Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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‘ROCKTOBER’ REVISITED: Holliday touches the plate in the 13th; Rockies claim...

Despite surrendering two runs in the 13th inning, the Rockies would rally for three of their own to secure their first postseason appearance in a dozen seasons.

‘ROCKTOBER’ REVISITED: Rockies beat Dodgers again; close in on Wild Card

A two-run ninth inning preserved the Rockies win streak, now at nine, as they moved to within one game of the Wild Card.

‘ROCKTOBER’ REVISITED: Rockies sweep away Dodgers, set sights on Padres

The Rockies swept the Dodgers out of Denver and set their sights on San Diego.

Rocktober Revisited: Laying in the August weeds

After a strong July--during which the Rockies posted a 15-9 record--the Mile High men slowed their roll a bit in August of 2007. Although they would finish with a 15-14 record during that month, they found themselves farther behind from the division leader than they had been at the beginning of the month, lagging five games instead of four and a half.

Rocktober Revisited: When the July tides turned

After working their way up to the fourth spot in the National League West, July was a primer for what was to come for the 2007 Rockies.

Colorado Rockies Home Run Derby history

The Colorado Rockies have sent 11 different players to 13 Home Run Derby contests as of 2017.

Rocktober Revisited: Rockies end May on the upswing, but still in...

A seven-game winning streak at the end of May gave Rockies fans a slight glimpse of what the 2007 NL Champs were capable of.

Rocktober coming to theatres in the Mile High City this fall

Fans should believe in the rotation, believe in the bullpen and most importantly believe in Black. Colorado will be playing baseball well into October again in 2017..

The Colorado Avalanche are bad, but they may not be historically...

At the All-Star break the Colorado Avalanche are dead last in the NHL. Here's a look at whether or not this Avalanche team is having the worst season ever in Denver professional sports.

Trevor Story is having one of the best rookie seasons in...

Trevor Story continues to rewrite the MLB record books, and it's time Colorado and the rest of the country start tuning in