Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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An All-Star start could push Nolan Arenado over the top

Nolan Arenado is gaining ground on other top-tier MLB players and the greatest Rockies of all-time, now he just needs an All-Star start.

The Rockies won the Tulo trade both at the bank and...

Despite choosing to cut Jose Reyes, the Rockies still came out on top of the trade that sent Troy Tulowitzki to the Toronto Blue Jays.

Tulo’s standing O makes no sense

Former Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki received a much warmer welcome back to Denver than former Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony did.

Troy Tulowitzki and Larry Walker are on the short list of...

Troy Tulowitzki returns to Coors Field for the first time since being traded to Toronto, begging the question "Where does he rank among the all time Rockies greats?"

Rockies manager Walt Weiss compares Trevor Story to Troy Tulowitzki

The Colorado Rockies have a new face at shortstop and manager Walt Wiess is already comparing him to a Rockies legend.

With Tulo gone the Rockies have a new vibe

With Troy Tulowitzki out of the clubhouse, there's a new vibe brewing within the Colorado Rockies franchise

The Rockies need to do the right thing (the hard thing)...

It won't be easy or cost-efficient, but the Colorado Rockies need to part ways with Jose Reyes. If that means biting the bullet and paying his contract, so be it.

Too low, Tulo

Troy Tulowitzki's latest comments show the Rockies made the right move in trading the petulant shortstop.

Troy Tulowitzki still angry at Rockies, says I’ll “never talk to...

Seven months removed from the trade that sent him to Toronto, Troy Tulowitzki still angry at the Colorado Rockies, and that doesn't look to be changing soon

Rockies fans need Tulowitzki to move on

For all of Troy Tulowitzki's troubles since he was "blindsided" by a trade to the Blue Jays, things have been far worse for Rockies fans since before the trade even went through