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The Cover Story: Dan Hawkins, Gil Whiteley & Woody Paige and...

From putt-putt golf to a couple of Denver media legends, today's edition of "The Cover Story" is a fun one.

Nuggets’ rising attendance will only continue with sustained success

The attendance at the Pepsi Center is dependent on the success of the Denver Nuggets.

WATCH: Former Nugget Ty Lawson announces he’s playing in China next

Former Denver Nuggets guard and 18th overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft Ty Lawson will continue his basketball career in China.

Warrant issued in Denver for former Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson

Former point guard of the Denver Nuggets Ty Lawson has continued his streak of troubles, after testing positive for alcohol on three separate occasions.

40 Years of Nuggets in the NBA: 2006-Present

Not so long ago, Pepsi Center was packed and the playoffs were the norm. The current Nuggets have been charged with bringing back those days.

Fun beginning to find the Nuggets

Will Barton has provided a spark that's been missing at Pepsi Center for too long.

Did the Denver Nuggets actually win the Ty Lawson trade?

Somehow, someway, it looks as if the Denver Nuggets actually came out on the right side of the Ty Lawson trade

Ty Lawson: I have nothing bad to say

On all questions regarding the breakup, Lawson smiled and said very little. He had no regrets. No hard feelings

Danilo Gallinari needs to move from “allegedly” great to “truly” great

Gil Whiteley and David Ramsey discuss Gallo's role with the Nuggets and his big offseason payday, plus Gil gives a history lesson about Telluride