Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Tag: Tyler Chatwood

Respect for the Rockies begins and ends at the All-Star Game

The Rockies won't be earning any national respect in October any time soon, so it's time they start doing so during the Midsummer Classic.

Defining road trip coming up for the Colorado Rockies

If the Colorado Rockies can have a successful road trip in two tough cities, the schedule will soften and give Colorado a chance to go on a run

Rockies’ starting pitchers making strides in both majors and minors

Between an improving rotation and a few studs in the farm system, the future of the Rockies' starting pitchers is looking bright - or at least brighter.

The Rockies have hit a rough patch, but they aren’t done...

The Rockies hit a rough patch as May came to a close and June got underway, but one analyst says this team won't lose 90 games this year.

Tyler Chatwood faces too much competition to be an All-Star in...

Chatwood is enjoying one of the best seasons we've seen from a Rockies pitcher in the better part of a decade, but he won't be an All-Star.

Rockies try to avoid another June swoon under Weiss

Colorado ended May with a bang, but started June with a whimper. Recent history suggests the Rockies could be looking at another June swoon.

Resiliency is keeping the Rockies alive during brutal stretch of the...

Back-to-back series against the Red Sox and Giants is no small task, but the Rockies are staying above water with some resilient, outside-the-box thinking

How long should Walt Weiss keep his starters on the mound?

A Rockies starting pitcher has only made it past the seventh inning once all season, but is that their fault or Walt Weiss'?

Rockies’ Tyler Chatwood calls outing “embarrasing” follwing loss

The Colorado Rockies lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks 10-5, and Rockies Starter Tyler Chatwood was not happy with the way he preformed on the mound.

Tyler Chatwood shares what’s going right with the Rockies right now

The Rockies pitching staff has been exceptional through this recent road trip. Starter Tyler Chatwood joins Afternoon Drive to share what's going right.