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Youth movement the best way for Nuggets to clean up roster

"We'd love to make our roster a little cleaner," Nuggets president of basketball operations Tim Connelly said Thursday after the draft.

Yawner: The Nuggets’ draft puts Denver to sleep

Doug Ottewill drifted off as soon as he saw Jimmy Butler’s name scroll across the bottom of the screen… followed by “traded to Minnesota.”

Nuggets commit to offense and patience by drafting Tyler Lydon

The Nuggets moved back in the 2017 draft to select an offensive forward who will need time to develop as an NBA player.

Don’t be shocked, Tyler Lydon can shoot the basketball

The pick came as a bit of a surprise but there are definitely reasons to be excited about the 21-year-old forward from Syracuse.

Nuggets select Syracuse forward Tyler Lydon No. 24 overall

After trading out of the No. 13 pick, the Denver Nuggets made their first selection of the 2017 NBA Draft at No. 24, Syracuse's Tyler Lydon.