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As Ty Webb once wisely told Carl Spackler, “A pond would be good for you.”

Of course, Webb was taking a clever dig at Spackler and those guys were chewing the fat (among other things) over a swig of cannonball. Still, Webb’s advice strangely holds true for winter in Colorado.

The pond would be good for you.

Pond hockey, would be good for you. There’s no question that hockey is a fantastic game. But in Evergreen, Colo. there’s an opportunity every winter to play it the way it was originally played – outdoors. Nature provides the frozen sheet and the majestic backdrop. A dusting of shoveled snow constructs portable boundaries. There’s a chill in the air that’s real and good for the soul. Sunlight on the sweater and the thrill of chasing down the puck offers just enough warmth.

Compare that to the hassle of reserving ice time, the stench of sweaty locker rooms and the buzz of florescent lighting. Sure, those things are all part of the great game of hockey as well, but if there’s an alternative? Seems like a no-brainer.

Luckily, there is.

The 2017 Evergreen Pond Hockey Championship, organized by Evergreen Park and Recreation District (EPRD), will be held on Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 7 and 8. This one-of-a-kind tournament takes place on the beautiful 8.5-acre rink at Evergreen Lake.

It’s a tradition that’s been built up over the years – one of those “Only in Colorado” experiences – and this year’s championship will feature more prizes, more teams and more excitement than ever before. Teams will compete for a $1,500 cash prize in the Open Division, plus cash prizes for all divisions.

Don’t miss your chance to play hockey the way it was meant to be played.

On the pond, which will be good for you.