The Colorado Rockies have begun speaking to Carlos Gonzalez about the possibility of a contract extension. With the team’s willingness to extend their veteran outfielder, it leaves questions surrounding the future of cornerstone third basemen Nolan Arenado.

Les Shapiro broke the news about Gonzalez Wednesday on Mile High Sports Radio, saying:

“I’ve confirmed with two very reliable sources that the Rockies would like to sign Carlos Gonzalez to a contract extension, and they’ve already broached the subject with them,” Shapiro said. “CarGo has told people close to him that if he signs an extension, he would like it to be a long-term deal, and he would like to retire a Rockie.”

Gonzalez has one year remaining on his seven-year, $80 million contract. He is slated to make $20 million in base salary next year.

So, while it would be great to have Gonzalez, one of the greatest players in Rockies history, finish his career in the Mile High City and locked up before that final year starts, it gets me thinking about what plans the team has in mind for its other stars, specifically Arenado.

Shapiro chimed in on the topic during the show, saying Nolan’s camp is “bewildered” as to why the Rockies have not approached them regarding a contract extension.

“I’ve been told that Nolan’s camp is bewildered as to why the Rockies have not come to him already to sign him to an extension.” Shapiro said. “Nolan realizes he is the cornerstone of this team, and he will be for the next 10 years. He wants his as well, and his camp does not understand why they have not been approached yet.”

Quiet frankly, I don’t understand either. Arenado is a special talent, one that does not come around very often, and if the Rockies have an opportunity to lock him up they need to do it.

Arenado is a career .284 hitter, and has only shown signs of improvement and progression as the year’s have gone by. His lights out defense and electric bat are one of the main reasons fans make it out to 20th and Blake.

The Rockies have had their fair share in acquiring and growing superior talent a la Troy Tulowitzki, Todd Helton, Larry Walker, Matt Holiday, in addition to Gonzalez and Arenado.

However, Arenado is different. He has that swagger to his game that only few posses.

Already at the age of 25 he is considered one of, if not the best, third basemen in the game and has not yet hit his peak years.

His health is not a concern, he’s a solid clubhouse guy and he does not get into trouble off the field – all things you want in a guy who is set to earn a monster contract.

Arenado is under team control through the 2019 season, but the Rox and Arenado’s camp should work something out as quickly as possible.

At this rate, the longer they wait, the higher the price it will be for a player that is getting better by the year and approaching the prime of his playing career.

The biggest hook the Rockies will have to pitch to Arenado is that they are on the cusp of winning. Re-signing CarGo will help boost the team’s chance of winning down the line and make Arenado a happy camper since he and Cargo are very close in the clubhouse.

At this point in time, the ball is in the Rockies court. They have exclusive rights to strike a deal and keep Arenado is the Mile High City for a long time before any team has the chance to snag him away.

It’s your move, Jeff Bridich.