Taste the Rainbow: The underdog Nuggets saved Denver sports

General view of elevation sign inside the Pepsi Center before game between the Milwaukee Bucks against the Denver Nuggets
Mar 9, 2020; Denver, Colorado, USA; General view of elevation sign inside the Pepsi Center before game between the Milwaukee Bucks against the Denver Nuggets. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockies stink, the Avs should still be playing and the Broncos head coach doesn’t know when to call a timeout. If you’re feeling blue about the Denver sports scene right now, turn that frown upside down because there’s a pot of gold to relieve your woes and it’s conveniently located at the end of a rainbow.

When the Avs bowed out of the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs, it left me cold. We waited awhile for this season to resume and once it ended for us Avs fans, I felt as lost as I did when it was initially put on hold in March. We came all this way and now we have to watch another team (hopefully not the Stars) hoist that Cup. I’m not blaming the team here. They played its best and at times really looked like a contender. But injuries and getting roughed up by a more battle tested (and cheap) team in the Stars, made us all aware that they may need another year of seasoning.

The Rockies season was probably over a few weeks ago. This wasn’t the hard slap in the face that the Avs loss was because we’ve prepared for it. We knew it was coming and when the bloom was off that rose, we just shrugged our shoulders and went about our business. Just like we’ve done for the last 25 years or so.

The Broncos season just started but if you listen to the hallowed screams from Twitter, it ended already too. Von Miller will be out for the foreseeable future and it’s a long shot that this young team will make any noise in a division it shares with the hated, yet very talented Kansas City Chiefs. It also doesn’t help that the coach of those very same Broncos may not know what he’s doing. Either way, we’ve steeled ourselves against the prospect of yet another losing season and it’s starting to fit like a warm, familiar hoodie.

So it’s a good thing a scrappy team of rainbow clad underdogs saved the Denver sports day. At least for another week or so.

That’s right, your Denver Nuggets defied the odds and ESPN talking heads by advancing to the Western Conference Finals against a Clippers team that was supposed to have cruised to an easy series victory. And they kind of did going up 3-1 on the Nuggets before letting that lead slip through their fingers like a wet cat you decided to bathe for some reason.

And they also made a bunch of sports writers from LA cry because it was supposed to be an all-LA WCF which if we’re being honest, is not interesting to anyone at all outside of Billy Crystal and some minor LA celebs who couldn’t afford Lakers tickets. While the Lakers have fans all over the world, I’d be shocked there are 10 people outside a specific region of Los Angeles who know or care who care about the Clippers.

The Denver Nuggets probably have a bigger fanbase across the rest of the country, so tell me again how it’s a shame the Clips aren’t still in it? From just a basketball sense, I get how not seeing Kawhi Leonard play anymore is a bummer, but if you even remotely like the game of basketball and you aren’t getting at least a little tumescent about seeing more Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray, you need to see a doctor for your flaccid bball takes.

The Nuggets are playing with house money now and so are the fans. This has been an amazing run and if it ends here, we’re seen enough to know they’ll be right back in it next time. Like their Kroenke counterparts the Avalanche, this has been nothing but a herald of good times to come.

So if the Nuggets’ ride in Orlando ends here in the next two weeks, don’t sweat it. After a very uncertain spring, we had some good sports to watch and a glimpse of a golden future. And if it doesn’t end, strap in because things are going to get even wilder if not more surreal as the Nuggets ride that multi-colored, refracted beam of light to glory.

I may have modified it, but as the famous song about rainbows goes, “somewhere over the rainbow, Blue Arrows fly”.

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Thank god the second week of the NFL season is here because I’ve grown tired of people overreacting to week one and I’m tired of sweating over if the Bengals are going to cover.

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Colts -3 over the Vikings

Second time’s the charm for Phil and the boys. The Colts lost a lot of people money last week and I’m going back into that dark pit of despair because I think they get it all ironed out and Minnesota seems to have a bad defense. But I could be overreacting to week one.

Tampa Bay ML and the 48.5 over

Handsome Tom was not as bad as everyone suggested and I think he works over a defensively challenged Panthers team at home.