Many things have changed in Denver since Tim Tebow hit Demaryius Thomas in one of the more iconic plays in Denver Broncos history.

Tebow is long gone from the NFL. Marijuana is legal in Colorado. Once head coach John Fox was fired by Denver, hired by Chicago, then fired once more. Oh, and a win in Super Bowl 50, lead by future Hall-of-Famer and then-quarterback Peyton Manning. Most importantly, touchbacks in the NFL still brought the ball only to the 20-yard line, as opposed to the 25-yard line, like they do today.

That rule would’ve given Thomas five fewer yards to cover as he bullied and stiff-armed tackle attempts on his way to six points and a playoff game-winner in Denver.

So, as the six-year anniversary of the ‘3:16 game’ passes, a remembrance of what was on the first play of overtime in that wild card round against the Pittsburgh Steelers.