Heading into the Colorado high school football season, Mile High Sports went straight to the source in search of a preseason “Who’s Who” watch list – i.e. the players you’ll be hearing about for the next three months. Former Niwot standout, Buff and Bronco Matt McChesney – the founder of Six Zero Strength and Fitness – once again provides great high school football insight. Without further ado, here’s the Colorado Top 60, compiled by McChesney and presented by Six Zero Strength and Fitness.

We’re counting down the list from 60 to number one. Here are the 2016 All-Colorado Top 60 numbers 20-11.

*Stats, recruiting and other information compiled from MaxPreps.com and Rivals.com. Send corrections to [email protected].

No. 20: Alex Oelsner Niwot (DL/TE)

It looks like all types of universities want Oelsner next year. From Ivy League school like Harvard and Yale to small schools in the Big Sky conference such as Northern Colorado, Oelsner has a large array of schools to choose from. McChesney says he’s one of the best athletes at both his positions.


No. 19: Joshia Davis Valor Christian (RB)

Despite his young age, Davis is already making a strong name for himself. Though he is only a sophomore in high school, CU has already demonstrated interest in Davis. McChesney calls him one of the state’s top running backs.


No. 18: Dylan Holt Vista PEAK (WR)

Averaging over 100 receiving yards a game makes it clear why Holt earned a spot within the top 20 players. Despite his impressive stats, Holt has not received any offers and does not yet know which university he will be attending next year. It should only be a matter of time for Holt, whom McChesney tabs as the top wide receiver in the state.


No. 17: Isiahia Banks Mullen (S)

Though still undecided, Banks’ heart seems to want to be in the Pac-12 conference. The majority of the schools Banks has looked into are within his state’s conference, and with his 116 solo tackles, one can see why he has many school options. McChesney describes him as a “sure tackler” and the No. 2 two safety in the state.


No. 16: Hayden Blubaugh Grandview (RB)

Despite his undecided status, Blubaugh should have no worries about his appeal to colleges. Averaging almost 200 rushing yards per a game, it is clear how Blubaugh earned his high ranking.

No. 15: Ray Robinson Highlands Ranch (S)

Still undecided, Robinson has a lot to mull over when it comes to a college decision. While Robinson has offers from three different schools within Colorado, he also struck the interest within the Ivy Leagues. McChesney describes him as one of the state’s most complete players.


No. 14: Donavaughn Baucom Thomas Jefferson (RB/S)

With his average of over 12 tackles a game, a total of 280 tackles where 120 of those were solo, Baucom is not someone to overlook. He’s also a force in the ground game for Thomas Jefferson. McChesney touts him as a diamond in the rough and notes his 29 ACT score.


 No. 13: Mikey Griebel Columbine (RB/KR)

Lucky for Colorado it seems like Griebel wants to stay close to home as he has shown interest in CU, CSU, and the Air Force Academy. With his 2,928 total rushing yards and average of 86.1 yards a game, hopefully one of the Colorado schools will realize what they have in their own backyard. Out of the backfield or in the return game, he’s “near unstoppable” says McChesney.


No. 12: Jackson Block Columbine (OLB)

Just like fellow high school teammate and previously mentioned Mikey Griebel, Block seems to have a similar interest in schools. Four of his five universities of interest are in Colorado, making him another Colorado native eager to stay near home. McChesney calls him a “QB nightmare” who is “all gas.”


No. 11: Marcus McElroy Mullen (RB)

Between the five schools that have made offers to McElroy, there are four different conferences as well. As McElroy mulls over his choice of college he has to pick a conference he wants to play in as well. McChesney tabs him as one of Colorado’s best running backs, and clearly colleges across the country agree.


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