After just one day of rookie mini camps, the quarterback situation is already getting interesting. Even though Mark Sanchez has been given a vote of confidence from management, it may be very difficult for Elway and Kubiak to hold their prized first-round quarterback off of the field.

Teams typically lower the expectations that are put on rookies, especially players that have the luxury of sitting behind veterans, but John Elway and Gary Kubiak are taking a different approach and raising the bar for Paxton Lynch.

After the first day of seeing the rookies work on the field, coach Kubiak weighed in on the situation.

“I think this guy is going to make up a lot of ground very quickly,” said Kubiak.

On Thursday, Elway had a similar statement.

“We think [Paxton Lynch] is going to be ready quicker than a lot of people think,” Elway told Denver Sports 760.

There is little question that Lynch has the physical traits — 6-foot-7, 245 pounds — but Kubiak was impressed by the way he handled his first day under center on the field.

“Obviously big, strong, talented young man. He throws the ball very well. I was impressed by the fact that—obviously he’s going under center fill-time today and dong those type of things,” said Kubiak. “He’s very eager. He’s got some very good characteristics or energy I guess I should say from a leadership standpoint [from] just watching him work.”

Since the Broncos drafted Lynch about a week ago, the hope has been that he will have the opportunity to compete for the starting quarterback job this year, but Mark Sanchez will most likely be the starter. The comments from Kubiak and Elway today certainly point to Lynch having more of an opportunity to be the starter this season.

When pushed to elaborate on if Lynch will have a chance to be the starter this year, Kubiak didn’t show his cards, instead giving the “one day at a time” cliché and again emphasizing his quick growth potential.

“We’re just going to work, day at a time. Obviously, I think he’s going to make up ground quickly…I feel that when I’m around him,” said Kubiak. “we’ll be very competitive…we don’t need to talk about those things. We just need to work and see how they progress.”

There is still a lot of work to do for Lynch, and maybe the most important time for his development won’t be during training camp, but the next few weeks.

“Just watching today, he’s swimming,” said Kubiak. “This will be a big five or six weeks for him. We’ve got to make a lot of progress.”

While the rookie mini camp consisted of over 35 potential Broncos fighting for a chance to make the team, Kubiak couldn’t take his eyes off of the lone quarterback on the field.

When asked what he thought of Connor McGovern’s performance, Kubiak admitted that he didn’t have a chance to see.

“I was kind of concentrating on a guy down there at the other end [laughing],” said Kubiak.

This was the sight that consumed the head coach for the entire practice:

The real controversy can’t start until Lynch, and all of the other quarterbacks, actually faces a defense, with pressure and coverage. Until then, the comments of Elway and Kubiak will keep the pot stirring.