The last two weeks the Broncos have looked like a different team, offensively and defensively. The Falcons and Chargers seemed to find every weak spot within the Broncos’ game plan and exploit it, leading to consecutive losses.

The Broncos defense ranks 24th against the run, and that was evident over the last two weeks. Nicki Jhabvala of The Denver Post joined Gil Whiteley on Mile High Sports Radio to talk about that run defense, and she said fans shouldn’t be all too worried.

“I think that number is a little misleading,” Jhabvala told Whiteley. “I don’t think they’ve been too bad against the run. What’s interesting is how teams are utilizing their backs against the Broncos defense. Atlanta was using them both in the run game and the passing game and attacking the middle. I think it’s a symptom of having a really great secondary for the Broncos. Opposing offenses are trying to find ways to poke holes into their defense. When you can’t do it against the secondary, you go inside.”

In every game this season, the Broncos have had a chance to come back and steal the win. The last two weeks they were given the opportunity, but the hole was just too big to dig themselves out of.

“What’s really interesting is they have the worst first quarter point differential, but the best in the fourth quarter,” Jhabvala said. “They light it up late, but by then it’s too late. It’s been a problem, no doubt. Every team this season has scored on their first drive [against the Broncos] except the Bucs, and they scored on their second drive. Addressing that is going to be key for them.”

With the two losses behind them, the Broncos are happy to have their coach back. Gary Kubiak returned after missing last week due to migraine issues. This Denver team and their coach hopes to right the ship and get back to their winning ways.

“He’s happy to be back,” Jhabvala said. “He said he took some rest time, but he didn’t really want it. He’s happy to be back and happy to put this behind him. It sounds like it’s all good news health wise. It wasn’t related to the incident back in 2013, which is great news, because that was pretty serious, having a mini stroke. He was in good spirits and the team was happy to have him back.”

To listen to the entire interview with Nicki Jhabvala, including her thoughts on the running back situation, click the podcast below…

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