The NFL is must-see TV, whether you like it or not. The game itself couldn’t be in a better place and few parallel the athletes who play it. Every year they push the bar of athleticism to previously unknown heights on the field and they make it look effortless. But it isn’t only the players on the field that capture our intrigue.

The coaches, staff and preparation that goes into every season, game and practice, fascinates fans. Nowhere is that more evident than the success of HBO’s series “Hard Knocks.”

Outside of the actual games, “Hard Knocks” is the best product the NFL puts out. Giving fans an inside look at what makes NFL organizations tick was a home run idea. “Hard Knocks” has chronicled the good, bad and ugly of life in the NFL for players and coaches. It’s also produced more memorable moments than one can count. “Hard Knocks” has become must-see TV, and next season they must get the Denver Broncos on screen.

Fandom aside, the number of storylines that’ll surround the orange and blue next season will be unmatched. Von Miller is due a contract and DeMarcus Ware’s return is questionable. Do the Broncos re-sign Brock Osweiler? Does the Super Bowl-or-bust mentality finally pay off? The Denver Broncos will be the center of the NFL universe next offseason. And despite all of the other questions, only one thing will matter: Will Peyton Manning return in 2016?

Everyone knows that retirement is on the horizon for No. 18 and it appears that the Broncos are ready to move on, but is Manning? Imagine HBO documenting the answer. Drama, drama, drama.

Picture this: Manning tells the Broncos he is coming back but they force him out and re-sign Osweiler. “Hard Knocks” (and the world) then become witness to the Osweiler era starting on the heels of John Elway shunning a legend.

Or, Manning returns, the Broncos reluctantly take him back, and Osweiler moves on. Bring the popcorn. The drama surrounding the Manning/Osweiler situation is endless and mesmerizing. But Denver’s storylines don’t end there.

What if Manning finally delivers a Super Bowl? “Hard Knocks” would then get their first camp with the defending Super Bowl champion. Kubiak would be hailed as a returning hero and Manning would shake the moniker of a choker. The positive vibes would seep through TVs weekly. But, what if failure again defines Denver’s season end?

Does Elway clean house? Will Denver cut bait and dive deep into rebuilding mode? Never before has “Hard Knocks” been on hand as a team willingly dropped from first to worst. The Broncos could be that team (cross your fingers that isn’t the case). Then there are the individual storylines that can play out.

What if, after a 12-sack season and a defensive Rookie of the Year award, Shane Ray is facing the prospect of replacing a disgruntled Miller? If Ray develops into a star and Miller gets hit with the franchise tag, that is a likely scenario.

What happens if Cody Latimer outshines Emmanuel Sanders?

Does Elway continue to ignore his own free agents? If so, will the viewing public finally get an insight as to why?

Was the Kubiak-for-John Fox trade worth it? Or, was reuniting the band the foolish idea of an executive in over his head, grasping for glory years gone by?

Imagine if Denver loses their reign on the division.

The questions that will surround the Denver Broncos this offseason are endless, making the intrigue surrounding them palpable.

While “Hard Knocks” has been great, it’s due time for HBO and the NFL step up their game. Sure, Bill O’Brian likes to swear and J.J. Watt likes to work out, but the Texans are about as interesting as a wet blanket. Faking excitement about an 8-8 team only goes so far. Next season the “Hard Knocks” series has to take the next step.

The NFL continues to captivate us because of its ability to evolve. It’s the one sport in America that believes in reinventing itself one year too early rather than a year to late. The NFL and HBO would be doing justice to “Hard Knocks” by applying the same philosophy.

“Hard Knocks” is once again proving it can survive featuring a subpar team, but how long will that last? Before that bubble busts, Roger Goodell should throw down the hammer once again and make a premier franchise participate; that team should be the Denver Broncos.

No matter what happens with Denver this season, there is no doubting they’d be TV gold next season.