The Oakland Raiders hold the All-time series lead 60-49-2 over the Denver Broncos. It’s a series in which both sides have experienced their share of lopsided runs – Oakland in 60’s and 70’s; Denver from the 2000’s to the present. During the 80’s and 90’s was a series that defined sports rivalries.

During the height of the Broncos-Raiders rivalry the franchises hated one another, the players hated one another and the fans really hated one another. At every Broncos-Raiders game there’d be fights on the field and in the stands. But, lately it’s a series that has been marginalized.

The Raiders haven’t beaten the Broncos since September, 12th 2011 and Peyton Manning has feasted on his AFC West counterpart. Which has Kent Erickson, Benny Bash and Benjamin Allbright of The Big Show wondering if this series is even a rivalry anymore.

Listen to the full debate below.

What do you think? Are the Raiders still one of Denver’s main rivals?

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