Reigning Super Bowl champions can be content and on edge, or they can be relaxed and loose. The Denver Broncos, at least in the eyes of Emmanuel Sanders and Aqib Talib, are no doubt the latter. But don’t get this confused with a lack of focus, because the Broncos are certainly set on repeating and getting even better.

“There are a lot of questions about our performance,” said Talib. “We still have got a chip. We’re going to make it a period instead of a question mark (referring to any doubts about the championship).”

Sander’s wasn’t shy to turn the page to next season either.

“Obviously we’re looking forward to this season. We’ve got a new team, but the same goals, and that’s to win a championship,” said Sanders.

Today was the first day of offseason workouts, and the first time the players have spoken at Dove Valley since being crowned champions. While it wasn’t mandatory, these offseason workouts are highly encouraged and typically have a high turnout.

In fact, even though it is work, some players, like Talib, actually look forward to getting back.

“All that congrats and all of the nights out … gets tiring,” said Talib. “Me personally, I was ready to get back, burn some calories and get back to it. I’ve personally been ready to get back to it.”

All eyes were focused on Brandon Marshall and Von Miller to see if they would attend during contract uncertainty. Marshall, even though he has not signed his second-round tender, was in attendance, which reflected highly on his teammates.

“That’s huge,” said Talib. “Just to see his face — like Von, he’s going through the business side of football. He’s here. First step in getting better than he was last year is showing up. He’s here. He’s getting better and that’s a positive for us.”

Miller, however, did not show up to the workouts, which really was no surprise. Even without showing up, his teammates still have his back and are not worried about him.

“We’re all anxious to see Von around the building,” said Talib. “He’s going through the business side of football. We all have to go through the business side of football. That’s just part of our game. He’ll be back in our locker room soon.”

Both Talib and Sanders mentioned that they were happy for Brock Osweiler, but it was different not having Peyton Manning around.

“It definitely feels weird not having him around,” said Sanders. “That’s my brother … He’s going to be forever missed in this locker room … the good thing is Peyton gave us the blueprint of how to go about doing it.”

Talib added that on the first day back, no one wanted to take Peyton’s seat.

“I think it was empty. Nobody is bold enough to go sit right there,” said Talib.

Even with losing both quarterbacks from last year, Sanders had nothing but incredibly high praise for his impression on the new quarterback in town, Mark Sanchez.

“A great impression,” said Sanders. “I can tell he wants to be a leader on this team, he wants to be the quarterback and he wants to be the guy…that’s the type of guy that we need. It’s going to be fun.”

Along with addressing serious topics, both Sanders and Aqib kept the mood light and relaxed with plenty of laughter. Sanders joked about his new lifestyle with his Super Bowl ring.

While the mood was light, as it should be in April, both Talib and Sanders had their mentality on going after another Lombardi, a mentality that seems to be the primary focus in the locker room.

Sanders pointed to a conversation that he had with John Elway after winning the Super Bowl to show his mindset.

“When we were getting ready to get on the bus (after the Super Bowl victory), I looked at Elway and I said, ‘After you won your first one, did you enjoy it?’ He was like, ‘Yeah, but I was thinking about that next one.’ And that’s how I feel right now. We’re out there. We’re working hard and thinking about the next one,” said Sanders.

There is plenty of work to be done before another championship, but for the reigning Super Bowl champs, they seem to have the right mindset and attitude as they start the 2016 season.