With less than 12 hours to prepare for the third day of the draft, last night John Elway and Gary Kubiak quickly switched their focus to day three. At their press conference at the end of day two, Kubiak and Elway briefly gave some insight to the Denver media on their plan.

“Continue to find football players and find some depth. You want to continue to add to that and find young men that can add depth next year and somebody that we can train,” said Elway. “Good thing is we have a lot of picks, starting at the bottom of the fourth we have three picks out of 20.”

Kubiak added that the team has a chance to improve the team tomorrow through adding depth.

“We’ve got a chance to really add to the depth of our football team tomorrow with some quality picks,” said Kubiak. “It’s been a great two days. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and getting better once again.”

The Broncos brass took a minute to look back at the first two days of the draft, and they couldn’t be more excited.

“I’m really excited the way the first two days have gone,” said Elway. “If you asked me on Wednesday how would like it to go, we couldn’t have planned it out as well as far as when we did our mocks and the way everything has gone.

“We were extremely thrilled with the way that everything has fallen and the guys that we’ve got. We really couldn’t ask for anything else, for any more. It’s really been good.”

All Kubiak could do was echo Elway’s excitement. “Obviously we filled three big needs on our football team with the type of players that we were looking for,” said Kubiak.

What’s on tap for day three:
-4th round pick 38, 136 overall
-5th round pick 5, 144 overall
-5th round pick 20, 157 overall
-6th round pick 44, 219 overall
-7th round pick 7, 228 overall
-7th round pick 32, 253 overall — Mr. Irrelevant, last pick in the draft