The Denver Broncos have had two forgettable weeks.

Losses to the Atlanta Falcons and San Diego Chargers have Broncos Country wondering, “What’s the deal?”

Just a few weeks ago we were looking at the somewhat realistic possibility of the Broncos running the table, and now we’re worried about the Broncos winning the AFC West? A few losses are expected, but back-to-back losses this early in the season is something no one saw coming.

The Broncos of 2016 have made it clear that this team isn’t satisfied with last year’s accomplishments, something that trips up teams looking to repeat as Super Bowl champions. Their play over the last two weeks says otherwise.

The Broncos have looked like they flat out don’t care. And, in case you weren’t aware, it’s hard to win football games when you don’t care.

Could this week’s game be any more perfect of an excuse for the Broncos to get back to their winning ways?

The Broncos will welcome their old friend Brock Osweiler and the Houston Texans to town for a Monday night matchup that will surely grab the attention of football fans everywhere. The city of Denver has had this one circled on the calendar since the schedule was released.

This is what they write movies about. The former “quarterback of the future” returning to town after spurning the city for a prime time game. The atmosphere should be absolutely electric. If the Broncos can’t get up for this one, what can they get up for?

They sound like they care this week.

Linebacker Brandon Marshall said that they want to “kill” Osweiler when he makes his first appearance back to the city that drafted him.

They should welcome whatever it will take to relight the fire that has escaped them in the previous two games.

The Broncos need this game. They desperately need to not just beat the Texans, but they need to beat them bad.

The Texans will come into Mile High on a Monday night off of a comeback win over the Colts in prime time. The Broncos surely won’t let them leave with another, will they?

Despite their 4-2 record, Osweiler hasn’t lived up to his contract through the first six games of the season. The Broncos’ defense should have a field day.

The opportunity couldn’t be more perfect for the Broncos. Osweiler has said all of the right things in the days leading up to the game, but he has to be dreading this one. Aside from momentum, the Broncos have everything on their side.

If they drop this one, it’s safe to say that the season is in trouble.