The Nuggets landed the seventh overall pick in the NBA draft, and both Tim Connelly and head coach Michael Malone believe the Nuggets are in good spot.

“Now it becomes real,” Connelly told Christopher Dempsey of The Denver Post. “Now some of the calls you take are more actionable scenarios, so it’s fun. I think we’ll be a team that will enjoy a lot of calls for not just the picks. We have a lot of attractive players, so we have a lot of options, and hopefully we choose the wisest one and continue building toward a successful future.”

The Nuggets have the seventh, 15th, and 19th picks in the draft, as well as a ton of cap space and interesting players, all of which create a wide variety of ways the team can come into the season significantly better than last.

“I’m excited,” Malone said. “Obviously it would have been nice to see us for the first time in franchise history actually move ahead from where we were scheduled to pick, but it’s all in how you look at it. We didn’t move back. We are where we are. And we have seven, 15 and 19. We have two second-round picks. I trust Tim and his staff 100 percent. They’ve shown with their track record that they know the draft. There will be a good player for us at seven. I really believe that.”

The Nuggets could opt to stay at seven, or decide they want to go all in and attempt to move up in the draft.

Either way, the Nuggets are in a good place.