While the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots were playing the first overtime in Super Bowl history, Denver Broncos fans were feeling a bit empty. The Broncos have played in two of the past four Super Bowls, so it was beginning to feel like commonplace for Denver fans. Unfortunately, this year we will have to make do with our fantastic memories from Super Bowls past. Here are the five of the best moments, that might help you get the rotten taste out of your mouth, from watching the game yesterday.

5. Super Bowl XXXIII: John Elway and Rod Smith take advantage of Eugene Robinson

It was only the second quarter of the Broncos Super Bowl game against the Atlanta Falcons. Yet, this is the play that pretty much ended the contest, and clinched back-to-back Super Bowls. The Broncos led 10-3 when Elway took over at his own 20-yard line, after a missed Morten Anderson field goal. On first down Elway faked a handoff to Davis into the left side of the line and rolled to his right. Elway was scanning the field for wide receiver Rod Smith, who was running a long crossing pattern against Falcon safety and Elway and long-time nemesis Eugene Robinson. Robinson had cheated up, and Smith got behind him for the 80-yard touchdown to put Denver up 17-3. They never looked back.

4. Super Bowl XXXII: Terrell Davis gives the Broncos their first ever Super Bowl win

Terrell Davis gave Denver a 31-24 lead against the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXII with just 1:47 left in the game. With the game tied at 24, the Broncos offense had driven 48 yards to the Packers one-yard line. On 2nd down and goal, the Denver offensive line opened up a hole big enough for Davis to walk through and the Broncos surged ahead. The Packers said later that they had let Davis score, so that quarterback Brett Favre might have time to lead a comeback. It didn’t matter. The Packers hadn’t stopped Terrell all day, as he already had 156 yards and two touchdowns by this point. The Denver defense came up with a final stop, and the Denver Broncos won their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

3. Super Bowl XXXIII: John Elway’s final play

The Broncos’ victory against the Atlanta Falcons was already in hand, but this touchdown put the cherry on top of a brilliant career. It wasn’t just that the score extended the lead to 31-6. It was also the climax to a storybook finish. At the close of his amazing 16-year career, Elway would square off against his former head coach Dan Reeves in Super Bowl XXXIII. Early in the fourth quarter, the Denver offense had driven to the Atlanta three-yard line. Elway took the snap and began to drop back, before charging forward into the end zone on the quarterback draw. It was a fitting end, as it was a play that Elway had run so many times in his distinguished career. The play ensured the Super Bowl MVP award for Elway. This was a fitting finish for one of the all-time NFL greats.

2. Super Bowl 50: Von Miller strips some confidence from the Panthers

The Broncos came into the game against the Carolina Panthers as five point underdogs, and many thought it wouldn’t be that close. Denver had struggled to score points all season, and some believed that their tenacious defense couldn’t possibly slow down Cam Newton and the high-powered Panthers offense. Denver had managed an early field goal on their opening drive, but now it was time for the Panthers offense to show what they could do. On 3rd-and-10 from their own 15-yard line, Von Miller exploded around the line, hit Newton, and stripped the football, which rolled toward the endzone. Defensive tackle Malik Jackson fell on the loose football, to give the Broncos a 10-point lead. The rest of the world began to realize what Broncos fans already knew: Von Miller and these Denver Broncos were more than capable of winning that game

1. Super Bowl XXXII: The John Elway helicopter play

This play will be forever etched in the memories of Broncos fans everywhere. After losing their first four Super Bowls, there were some fans that didn’t even want the Broncos to get back to the big game. The Green Bay Packers opened as 14-point favorites, and many thought this would be just another blowout loss for Denver. This would be the moment that let everyone know that this game was going to be different. In the third quarter, with the score tied at 17, the Broncos had driven to the Green Bay 12-yard line. Now they faced a very important 3rd-and-six. Elway took the snap, was flushed up out of the pocket, and decided to make the play himself. Checking the sideline marker, Elway knew it would be too close to slide, so the 37-year-old veteran dove into the air, where he was catapulted by three Packer defenders. The hit spun him forward for a crucial first down. Elway then stood up, and raised a fist to the Denver sideline, showing that he was laying everything on the line. The Broncos would go on to score a touchdown two plays later, but it was this play that inspired players and fans alike. This was the play that let everyone know Super Bowl XXXII was going to be different.