The Joe Williams Show with Kent Erickson

The Joe Williams Show with Kent Erickson
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School: Hard Knocks
Birthplace: Gainesville, TX
Experience: 31 Years
At MHSR Since: January 2011
Favorite Sport: College Football, College Hoops
Favorite Team: Service Academies
Career Highlight: Air Force beating Notre Dame for four consecutive years. Any Nebraska loss.


School: Denver South, Metro State University
Birthplace: Canyon, TX
Experience: 21 years inside (no, not an insider… I mean actually inside) the Denver Broncos
• 4 head coaches
• 5 general managers
• 1 new training facility
• 1 new stadium
• 19 combines
• 21 war rooms
• 21 training camps
• 7 American Bowls
• 19 playoff games
• 5 AFC Championship Games
• 3 Super Bowls
• 1 Pro Bowl
• 2 rings
At MHSR Since: June 2013
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse
Favorite Team: Mountain Vista High School
Career Highlight: Rushing the field with the team when John took a knee on January 25, 1998. We were finally champions.


School: North High School; Northern Colorado
Birthplace: Denver, CO
Experience: Enjoying retirement
At MHSR Since: January 2011
Favorite Sport: I like ’em all
Favorite Team: Wherever my kid is coaching
Career Highlight: Being named No. 39 on Sports Illustrated’s list of “50 Greatest Colorado Sports Figures.”