The Broncos are starting to show that they are a complete team, with both the offense and defense doing their job to get the win each week. Against the Buccaneers, Denver showed offensive strength that no one expected before the season had started, meaning that the defense no longer has to be defended on to pull out the game each week.

And with that said, this group believes they’re even better than the team that took home the Lombardi Trophy last year.

“I think so. That’s tough to say because we were so dynamic last year,” linebacker Brandon Marshall told Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of Afternoon Drive on Mile High Sports Radio. “I think, once we clean up our run game, our team is better than last year as a whole. Our defense, though, is lights out. We’re keeping the point total down and that’s important.”

They’re not perfect, though. The run defense has not been as dominant as it has been the last few years.

Against the Buccaneers, the Broncos gave up 72 rushing yards that resulted in a touchdown for Tampa. In order to clean that run defense up, they have to be in the right position.

“It’s all about getting our blocks and then you have to fit where needed,” Marshall said. “Everybody has to be right where they are supposed to be. We have to get off our blocks and make a tackle. Even if we’re right where we need to be and we don’t get off the block then it doesn’t mean anything. We just have to be nasty, nasty in the run game. We know how good we are. I think as long as we keep playing together and keep gelling, the sky is the limit.”

The pressure on the defense was at an all time high last season while the offense was struggling to score points. This season started off the same, but as the offense is starting to show improvement, the defense can take a deep breath and play the game the way they know how. The pressure to win is on both the offense and defense now.

“The pressure might be evenly distributed because its not too much on the defense to win the game,” Marshall said. “The offense can move the ball, and they can score. We get it done because we have great players. That’s what it is. We have great personnel, and we are well coached.”

To catch the whole interview with Brandon Marshall, including his thoughts on the upcoming game against the Atlanta Falcons, click the podcast below…

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