It’s clear that head coach Gary Kubiak wants a fullback for his ground-and-pound offense. John Elway listened and selected fullback Andy Janovich with the first pick in the sixth round.

Last year, after the Broncos cut fullback James Casey, they did not use a fullback the rest of the year. However, the offense was not your typical Kubiak-style offense, as it was catered to Peyton Manning. This move clearly shows that Kubiak will be taking back the reins in 2016.

Even if the fullback is not fully utilized, the Broncos see Janovich as a player on special teams.

Janovich was prepared to be an undrafted free agent before the Broncos selected him in the sixth.

“I was just really unsure [about being drafted]. I had heard I could go [as an undrafted] free agent,” said Janovich. “So I wasn’t sure what to expect with the draft. I was confident I could get on a team through free agency, but I didn’t know about the draft.”

He’s aware that the fullback is not as common as it once was, and is willing to help the team in any way possible.

“I think that fullback is kind of a dying breed nowadays,” said Janovich. “Special teams this last year was just a really huge part of my role in general. I’m hoping to just come in and if special teams is the way I can contribute, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

Even though this is a sixth round pick, it could be pointing to a much more significant change coming to the Broncos offense.