At Pepsi Center Friday night, it was more of the same for the Colorado Avalanche. A hard fought game, some unlucky goals against and missing the net in opportune situations led to a 2-1 loss to the New York Rangers, another frustrating result for Colorado. Of course, there is no discounting the fact that Henrik Lundqvist had an impressive night that is typical for the 33-year-old, stopping 29 shots and proving to be the main source of frustration for the Avalanche.

Aside from a first-period slip up, the Avs were unable to find a flaw in Lundqvist’s game. A disappointing start to the season has already robbed the Avalanche of much of their self-belief. Combine that with a trying contest against one of the league’s best goalies and any little bit of confidence that remained is diminished once again. It was confidence that seemed to be the variable that separated the two teams in the end.

“We just don’t have the confidence around the net right now that could make the difference,” head coach Patrick Roy said. “The guys work hard. That’s the [only] thing I ask of them and unfortunately we don’t get those goals.”

On the other end of the result, the New York Rangers fought from behind to take the win, giving them the second-most points in the Eastern Conference and only two regulation losses on the season. Through poise and resilience, New York showed why it was last season’s President’s Cup Trophy winner and one of the NHL’s elite teams. Keeping with the theme, Reto Berra credits the Rangers’ confidence after the loss.

“When you play a confident group like that then sometimes they have the bounces that we don’t have.” Berra said during postgame interviews. “They got the lucky bounces sometimes and we were working so hard trying to get them, but we don’t get them”

“What can we do? We are working so hard, we are crashing the net.” Berra disappointingly said. “If you have to, push the goalie in the net with the puck and maybe the confidence comes back.”

The fact that the word “confidence” was repeated so much shows how important it is to the game of hockey. Entering the Avalanche dressing room, it was clear there is very little of it left. Colorado will be on the road for the next seven games. A change of surroundings and the mental preparation that comes with a long road trip could help reset the mental state of the Avalanche and change what has been more of the same. As the players all know, they are already fighting to save their season. The upcoming road trip to the Eastern Conference has the potential to make or break their confidence as well as playoff hopes.

The next Avalanche game will be Tuesday, Nov. 10 against the Philadelphia Flyers. The next home game is Wednesday, Nov. 25 when Colorado hosts Ottawa.